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SEATTLE 2012: Steve David, Jimmy Shane, J. Michael Kelly win Sunday Unlimited Hydroplane Heats

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Seattle, WASH -

Heat 2A

Steve David in the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto had the salt water snorkel on the boat and was trolling up to the score up buoy.  At the start, David was able to grab the lead going into the first turn and hold it end-to-end.  Whatever the 9 crew is doing, that old boat has some real speed, challenging the 6 for most of the heat and actually pulling in front for just a quick moment.  But David put the pedal down and ran away with the race. 

JW Myers in the 11 got washed down going into the first turn and had too much ground to make up after re-starting.

Not a fan of the trolling starts, where boats slow down and park it in a lane before the score up buoy, David was quoted by Hydro-News as saying "These starts suck."

Order of Finish - Heat 2A:

  1. 6 Oh Boy! Oberto Steve David
  2. 9 Seattle Suntan presents Sound Propeller Services Jon Zimmerman  
  3. 100 Miss Fox Plumbing Greg Hopp
  4. 17 Miss Red Dot Jeff Bernard
  5. 57 Miss DiJulio Mark Evans
  6. 11 Acura of Bellevue presents Miss Peters & May JW Myers  

 Heat 2B

Brian Perkins timed it perfectly in lane four and hit the start line first.  J. Michael Kelly was in lane one in second place.  Dave Villwock was late to the start and trailing in fourth place in lane three.  

"I couldn't see where I was going," said Dave Villwock on KIRO-TV, "and I didn't want to run into anybody so I had to wait for the windshield to clear."

Meanwhile, Jimmy Shane ran to the lead passing up the field.  Kelly was only back by a couple of boat lengths in lap two and Villwock was closing the gap on both of them.  In the final lap, Villwock passed up Kelly, but Kelly closed the gap to come off the final turn side-by-side.  At the finish, Villwock nipped Kelly to take second.

Villwock ran the final lap in competition at more than 152 miles an hour!

After the race, Shane's turbine wouldn't shut off.  He had to pop the cockpit lid, stand up and use the manual shut-off on the outside of the cockpit.  The boat had to be towed back to the pits.

Order of Finish - Heat 2B

  1. 5 Graham Trucking Jimmy Shane
  2. 1 Spirit of Qatar 96 Dave Villwock
  3. 37 Beacon Plumbing J. Michael Kelly
  4. 21 Miss Albert Lee Appliance Brian Perkins
  5. 99 Miss Fox Plumbing Too Ryan Mallow

DNS. 88 Degree Men Scott Liddycoat

Heat 3A

Dave Villwock and Steve David met in a heat race for the first time this weekend in Seattle.  JW Myers in the 11 grabbed lane one at the score up buoy, David in lane two and Villwock in lane three.

David was first across the line with Villwock just two boats back.  "It was a mess," Villwock told KIRO-TV.  He said someone ran into him and he slowed.

David was the first to turn left out of the turn and the question was could he hold off Villwock.  Myers was in third.  At the end of lap one, David had a half roostertail lead and he was flying the boat.  By the backstretch of the second lap, it was nearly a full roostertail lead.

Zimmerman and Myers were battling for fourth place.  It was very - very - close at the finish line.

David said Myers ran into him prior to the start.  "Not his fault," he said.  A little bit of damage to the 6 boat on the left sponsor, but didn't appear to be anything significant.  Officials originally called a penalty on Villwock as they thought he caused what happened.

UPDATE:  Well after the race finished, officials were still sorting it out.  We heard first about a possible penalty against the 1, but officials weren't ready to make it official.  Then word came there was a one-minute penalty against both Villwock and David.  Since they finished one-two in the heat on the water, that would have a huge impact on the order of finish.

Order of Finish - Heat 3A

  1. 5 Jimmy Shane
  2. 9 Jon Zimmerman
  3. 11 JW Myers
  4. 100 Greg Hopp
  5. 6 Steve David - ONE MINUTE PENALTY
  6. 1 Dave Villwock - ONE MINUTE PENALTY

Heat 3B

J. Michael Kelly grabbed lane one with Brian Perkins in lane two.  Kelly took the lead into the first turn and out of the first turn.  The boat was wobbling on the water, bouncing high a couple of times, but he was able to keep it rightside up. 

Meanwhile, the 99 boat went dead.  It's been having mechanical issues all weekend.  Scott Liddycoat passed up Perkins to grab second place.  The 17 Red Dot continues to struggle as well.  Mark Evans was trying to reel in the 17 for fourth place.

Kelly lengthened it out to a full two roostertail lead on the final lap.  There was a one lap penalty on Scott Liddycoat, which pushed the 88 from second to last place.

"Got the inside lane, which is huge," said Kelly on KIRO-TV.  "If I get out front, I want to win... if you don't want to win, you don't deserve to be out there."

Order of Finish - Heat 3B

  1. 37 J. Michael Kelly
  2. 21 Brian Perkins
  3. 57 Mark Evans
  4. 17 Jeff Bernard
  5. 88 Scott Liddycoat - ONE LAP PENALTY

DNF.  99 Ryan Mallow