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Working in the heat

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RICHLAND, Wash.-- Triple digit weather is hitting the Tri-Cities and it means hot sticky days for workers putting in their hours outside.

Not everyone is so lucky to enjoy the comforts of air conditioning at work. On days like Tuesday, when temperatures reach into the triple digits, people working outdoors are uncomfortable, but do their best to just get the job done.

Manual labor isn't easy. Throw in temperatures over one hundred degrees and even more heat radiating off the asphalt, that's a sticky situation.

Construction workers along George Washington Way in Richland had to dig their way through a hot day.

Construction worker Peter Titechko says workers just have to stick it out.

"Worse than working the good weather but it's work. You've got to just do work. Just stay with it," says Titechko.

The heat rising off the road and nearby parking lots is a catalyst for the conditions taking a harsh toll.

"The heat from the asphalt is coming up and stuff. The wind doesn't go through because there's buildings over here so the wind doesn't go through and stuff so it's a little bit harder," says Titechko.

Javier Guzman delivers heavy kegs to bars so customers can enjoy a nice cool one on days hot days. 

"Too hot. Too hot. Especially on the asphalt and concrete," says Guzman.

"It just makes it that much more harder. Lifting heavy stuff up in the hot heat," says Titechko.

There's one thing that makes all the difference for workers under the sun.

"It's pretty hot over here. You have to drink lots of water to keep up with work," says Titechko.

To avoid heat exhaustion, health experts say it's crucial for workers to take breaks in the shade, and drink a lot of water on these hot summer days.