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Pasco family making a difference through adoption

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PASCO, Wash.-- A Pasco family is making a difference through adoption. They're a family of nine and still growing. They hope their message of faith and generosity will inspire others.

The Walker family has five biological kids and two adopted sons. They're a clan of nine, but soon they'll be a family of eleven. Their son, who was born with a clef palate, inspired them to help other children in need.

When things fall apart, the Walker family puts them back together again. That's what they did for twin boys they adopted from Africa. They'll do the same for two more boys they're adopting from China. People ask them how they do it.

Janice Walker, the children's mother, says it's a big job, but they make it work.

"We put more value on giving them a life than a silver spoon life. These children, it was between life and death," says Janice.

The twin boys came from Zambia at age six. The family calls the biological mother a tummy mommy and their adoptive mother a forever mommy.

The twin boys remember their years in Zambia and one of them, Zunduka, explains life is much better now. 

"Our tummy mommy died so our forever mommy came and adopted us and she put us in America so we can live and play and have some food," says Zunduka.

When the large group goes out, they stand out. Janice says many people ask questions when they see so many children.

"'Is this a daycare outing?' Sometimes we just smile and nod because we're not going to go into a full explanation of our life in the store," says Janice.

It may seem different to others, but for the kids it's normal. The Walker's biological daughter, Tirzah, says she can hardly wait for their new brothers to arrive.

"I'm just so excited. I just really wish that they could come right now," says Tirzah.

Outsiders often call the Walker family extraordinary, but Janice says they're just doing their part.

"We're ordinary people. As ordinary as you get. I think the truth is ordinary people make an extraordinary act of courage or in our case faith. That's what changes the world," says Janice.

Acting as parents for so many children is a big job, but the Walkers say they wouldn't have it any other way.