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Obesity Rates in America

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The CDC report says that, overall, a third of American adults are obese.

The center's state obesity map has 12 states where one in three residents is obese.

Followed by 25 others where the rate drops. But only to one in four.

It adds up to 90 million men, women and children and is disappointing news after decades of trying to get americans to lose weight.

Dr. Philip schauer, weight management at the cleveland clinic says, "our public health care efforts have really not been very successful. It's a very scary problem"

Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Philip Schauer says healthcare costs for the obese are running at 150-billion dollars a year and run the risk of bankrupting the system.       

"Obesity is the major driver of increased healthcare costs. We gotta figure out a way to control the problem," says Schauer.

And the problem, he says are brought on by the usual suspects, Increased caloric intake, decreased activity.

"We just finished the olympics, and Americans had a record number of medals, we're watching the athletes but not doing the activity themselves," says schauer.

Not one state in the CDC survey had an obesity rate less than 20-percent.

The CDC found Mississippi has the highest percentage of obese adults- 34.9%.  Colorado was the slimmest state - with a 20.7% obesity rate.