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Richland daycare worker convicted of child rape, asking for special sentencing

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- There's been another delay in the sentencing of Lucas Miller, a former Richland daycare worker who pleaded guilty to charges of first degree child rape.

Lucas Miller's public defender, Gary Metro wants the court to consider if Miller is eligible for a "Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative, also known as SSOA. The Benton County Prosecutor on this case, Anita Petra says a typical range for a sentence in a case like this would put Miller behind bars from 93-123 months. But under SSOSA, she says that would be cut down to a year in prison if special conditions are met.

However, Petra does not think Miller qualifies for SSOA. She also says a mental evaluation determined Miller doesn't have any accountability for his actions, and didn't consider them sexual in nature during his initial psychological evaluation. She says that same evaluation found he is a high risk to re-offend, and doesn't believe he is amenable to treatment.

Judge Craig Matheson says whether Miller qualifies for SSOSA should at least be considered. Therefore, the state and defense team are waiting for a written report by Dr. Henry who did a psychological evaluation on Miller.

In the meantime, a victim's mother spoke in court, and broke down crying, saying her two year old son was terrified of going to daycare, terrified every time the family drives to the Tri-Cities, and terrified of Lucas Miller. "No parent ever want to hear their child tell them such acts as these happened to them," said the woman who wanted to stay anonymous.

Petra finished reading her statement, while Miller held his head down.

Petra said Miller confessed to sexually abusing four children at Kids World while he was employed there for four months. He was arrested in October 2011. But she said because the kids were so young, and couldn't articulate, they only had enough evidence to charge him for the abuse of one child.

Miller also apologized to his family and the victims in court Monday afternoon. "It makes me sick to think I've hurt children in any way. It's even worse knowing that I've committed a sex offense. I have issues that need to be addressed, and I sincerely wish I've realized that before I'd hurt anyone," he said. He followed up with, "My hope is that the victims, they could move on. That they know that none of this is their fault. I want to do better. i want to be a better person,. I want to be a good person."

Miller's next court appearance is scheduled for September 6th.

For more information on Washington's SSOSA RCW, click here.