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Getting "Fiddle Fit"

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You've heard the expression "fit as a fiddle."

A new exercise class is a sort of play on those words.

It's called Fiddle Fit.

The person who came up with this unique fitness program for seniors is certified personal trainer Diane Crosby.

"It's different because I incorporate all six dimensions of wellness. When people come to the class, they not only do the physical piece, but there's a lot of social interaction, and we work on a lot of core balance and how they're doing in life," Crosby says.

John Keach through physical therapy after a severe spinal injury, then joined this class.

"My flexibility, strength, but more importantly just the confidence, the self-confidence it's given me to exert myself physically and not just sit on the couch and feel sorry for myself," Keach said.

"The way I've founded Fiddle Fit was to help those people who are a little more sedentary. Maybe they've been injured, maybe they've just not been athletic. You don't have to be athletic to do this program," Crosby said.
Sharon Gainey started coming at the urging of her husband.

"We went on a trip and I couldn't keep up. So, he said you either join the gym or we'll just stop traveling," Gainey said.

They both ended up joining the gym and this class.

The results seem consistent across the board.

"I think the class is fabulous. I think it gives you a lot of mobility. It increases your heart rate, gives you a lot of strength training," Gainey said.

With its mixture of strength and balance training, cardio and the all important social aspects -- it's no wonder Fiddle Fit is growing in popularity among those who are more mature.