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Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo is over and now begins the clean up

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- The Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo came to a close at midnight Saturday and now after all the fun comes some hard work to take it all apart and clean up.

It's a big job and fair workers don't waste any time. They get right to work to take apart rides and booths through the night, right from the moment the fair closes.

Lori Lancaster, fair manager, says although the fair may be over for the public, it's still not over for fair workers. The once busy fairgrounds are now breaking down and packing up.

"Everyone left us at midnight last night, all the fair goers, but there's still a lot of work to do. Everything that we put up has to be taken down. Every bit of trash to get off the fairgrounds including the straw that we use in the animal pens," says Lancaster.

This year's fair was a popular one with ticket and food sales up and maxed out parking lots on Friday and Saturday, but that all makes for an even bigger clean up job.

"It is a massive amount of work that needs to take place once the people leave. You build this thing up to have one hundred twenty five thousand people come through here in five days and they leave a lot behind," says Lancaster.

Workers aren't wasting a moment to pack up and ship out and for many it's on to another show.

"The carnival pretty much packs up overnight. The livestock that was sold at auction is shipped out. There's a lot of stuff that happens in the wee hours of the morning," says Lancaster.

Owner of the Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs stand, Daniel Miranda, says he's working quickly to make it to the next show.

"Selling is the easy part. It's tearing down, every one's got to make sure everything is cleaned up. If you got another show you've got to go to you have to make sure everything goes in right, all your equipment is alright, nothing is damaged. You've got to go through everything," says Miranda.

For five days of fun at the fair, it takes one week to clean up and put it all away in storage until next year when they do it all over again.