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Caller scam demanding money and threatening legal action

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- A scam is spreading through the area. Many people are getting threatening calls demanding money. This a warning for our viewers to not fall victim to this scam.

Here's how it works. A caller claiming to be from a federal agency tells people they owe money and threatens legal action if they don't hand it over.

This is part of one of the messages a scammer left in a voicemail for Tim Keith.

"The legal actions against you. Just call me back and let me know what you want to do about this case so we can proceed forward with the police investigation."

That's just one of the voicemail's that Tim Keith got from the scammers. They told him they were the Financial Crime Investigation Bureau and had a warrant for his arrest because he owed money.

They claimed that if he paid them, the warrant could be cleared. They went on to threaten to contact his employer and show up at his place of work or his house

"Called me back and asked me why I hadn't made my payment to them of over nine hundred dollars and I explained to them that I contacted the attorney general's office and I found out they were a fraud and that I would possibly be considering pressing charges and all of a sudden they just, click, hang up then phone. I haven't heard back from them since," says Keith.

This is actually a scam that's been going on for a while and you can find multiple forums online explaining people's experiences with calls just like the one Tim got.

The really scary thing about this one is they had Tim's real social security number, date of birth and address.

So don't fall for this one if you get a call and report it.