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National Rally for informed birth rights

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Yakima, WASH.--People took to the streets of Yakima Monday to rally for change.

People at the rally held up signs that read "Birth Matters" and "Know Your Options."

The rally took place in 45 states and their message all rang the same. Women have the right to decide where and how they want to give birth.

Aubrey Knew said, "I'm going to have a home birth. I have everything all set up and ready to go, and if there are any emergencies then I have the option of going to the hospital."

One of the coordinators for the rally in Yakima, Lindsay Kinman, said, "Had I known what I know now, my births would have been very different. I'm passionate because there are woman who are being harmed by this."

Monday's rally also addressed the issue of high maternal death rates. Kinman said the U.S. ranks lower than 40 other industrialized countries when it comes to safe births.

"It is safer for us to give birth in Croatia, Romania, some other countries that we would consider lower than the U.S," said Kinman. "We have supposedly the greatest health care system in the world, yet we spend four times as much per mother and we have worse outcomes."

The women at the rally said technology is not always better and can often lead to health complications.

Kinman said Yakima has almost a 40 percent induction rate when World Health says it should only be around 5 percent.

"Inductions are treated as convenient, as safe but it increases the chances of risks," said Kinman. "It increases your chances of C-sections, and it increases risks to you and your baby."

"If there's a medical need for an intervention than an intervention could be life saving," said Lorri Carr, a midwife. "But if there's no medical need for it then an intervention becomes an added risk."

Organizers expected thousands of people to attend these rallies in cities like New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.