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Gun shows provide safe venue for sellers

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PASCO, Wash.-- The Pasco Gun Show attracted thousands of people to the TRAC over the weekend.

Gun shows are a venue that make gun sellers feel safe from ending up on the wrong side of a weapon or being robbed.

If a gun seller posts their address or personal information somewhere to sell a gun from their home, they put themselves at risk of being targeted as a location with weapons. Gun shows provide a place to sell in a general area without attracting unwanted attention and potential criminals looking to get guns illegally. Sellers try their best to keep a low profile for their safety and depend on the big gun shows to make their sales.

"There's nothing like that in the public light where people know where a firearm owner lives. If you openly post that, these people do become a potential crime victim. This kind of venue eliminates that," says gun show organizer Brian Kjensmo.

Gun shows are popular and successful in this region. Kjensmo organizes twelve gun shows in Eastern Washington a year and thirty-three total in the Northwest.

But even at gun shows, gun sellers are still protective and many denied being filmed on camera or even just having their guns on camera.