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The 9/11 anniversary isn't slowing business at the Tri-Cities Airport

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PASCO, Wash.-- Flying on September 11th can make some people uneasy, but after eleven years and numerous security changes, the anniversary appears to have very little impact on business at the Tri-Cities airport.

Eleven years after the attacks that shocked the world and hurt the airline industry for years, Tri-Cities airport officials and most passengers say they aren't scared for their safety. They actually say they feel safer than ever. The Tri-Cities Airport is rapidly growing and with that so is the airport security.

"We were remembering it this morning at breakfast. I don't have any concerns about flying on 9/11, but certainly it was on my mind," says Steve Kiddoo, traveler.

9/11 will never be forgotten, but flying now on 9/11 is much easier than it was a decade ago. The Tri-Cities Airport Director, Ron Foraker, says the 9/11 anniversary isn't lowering passenger numbers at the Tri-Cities Airport.

"Can't say that today we've seen a drop in passengers because it is September eleventh. If anything our boardings have grown tremendously since two thousand one," says Foraker.

The Tri-Cities Airport used to be a category three airport with around two hundred fifty thousand passengers a year in 2001. But now it's a category two with over three hundred thousand a year.

The growth upped their number of TSA agents, which created a stronger security presence.

"Overall, I don't think the impacts of nine-eleven have kept folks from flying today or any other day because of the safeguards that are in place today," says Foraker.

More safeguards are coming to the airport in the form of newer technology . A new body imaging system at the security line and new baggage screening systems behind the check- in counters are expected soon.

All these updates are turning flyers' uneasy feelings into a reassured sense of security.

"I think it's less likely, much less likely, that we could have an incident like that with the security we have today," says Kiddoo.

The Tri-Cities Airport administration tells me the new Advanced Imaging Technology for the security check point could arrive as early as this fall. The Explosive Detective Systems baggage screening is schedule to show up before the end of the year.