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Wapato business sells kilts all over the world

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WAPATO, Wash.-- Thanks to the economy, many small businesses have struggled over the past few years. That's not the case for two women in Wapato who are selling kilts online all over the world.

Serena Laws couldn't have anticipated how much her life would change when back in 2009, she decided to wear her homemade kilt on a trip to Costco.

"The greeter asked me if I sold them, and if I didn't.. If I'd ever tried selling anything online," says Laws.

She decided to try, posting entries on eBay and Etsy under the name "Kilt This".

"I charged like... 50 dollars for it and quickly racked up 200 orders," she says.

That's when co-owner Cris Stanton came into the picture.

"She started getting a handful of orders and I realized that she was gonna need some help," says Stanton.

"The whole backlog of orders took us three years to get through and at the same time we had to keep making our kilts. We almost didn't want to tell anybody that we were doing so well... Because a lot of other businesses were not doing well," Laws says.

Both owners say the success of "Kilt This" isn't just based on the quality of their work, but also the quality of their story.

"We have a fan base that's more than just customers. We have people that are rooting for the company that follow us. Being able to get up and work doesn't feel like work... it feels like an obligation to the people that have supported us and followed us," Laws says.

They don't expect things to slow down anytime soon.

"Sometimes it can feel really hectic.. Like there's so much to do. It just feels like it's gonna get even more intense. It's gonna be really busy," Stanton says.

If you'd like to learn more about Kilt This, you can check out their website here.