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Kennewick high speed intersection raises concerns

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- A high speed intersection in Kennewick is raising some safety concerns and we have video of one man's scary accident that totaled his car.

The speed limit at the intersection of Highway 395 and Hildebrand Road is fifty-five miles per hour and many are concerned that's just too fast to stop at a red light.

Two cars collided in that intersection earlier this year when one of them didn't stop for the light and then was pushed right into the turn lane hitting the side of Raye Hernandez's car.

The car behind him just happened to have a dashboard camera and caught the whole thing on video.

"It hit me hard. It was very violent. I saw it coming for a split second . It hit me and then I must've blacked out for a second or two because when I came to the airbags were deployed," says Hernandez.

Hernandez knows he's lucky to be alive.

He's a driving instructor and wants to remind people that even if you have a green light you need to scan the intersection before you enter.

"You can be right, but you can be dead right. To me it's kind of like, take the extra step, take the extra time and look both ways," says Hernandez.

Most drivers going north on Highway 395 are coming off of the interstate at higher speeds and the Hildebrand intersection is just one mile down the hill.

"If you're going faster than that light cycle is set up for, you don't have time to react appropriately. And then people end up getting forced into making a split second decision. Do I run it or do I try and slam on the brakes," says Washington State Trooper Dave Wilber.

The intersection is in the growing Southridge area and right by Southridge high school, which concerns Trooper Wilber that a young driver could get hurt.

"The problem is that area wasn't designed initially for that type of volume and that type of speed. The area has just out grown the ability for the intersection to appropriately handle that kind of traffic," says Wilber.

Hernandez says he tells all his driving students to look both ways, even when you have a green light. He hopes this accident will remind others that you need to be careful and especially at high speed intersections like this one.