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Local candidates speak at Tri-Cities Tea Party Rally in Richland

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RICHLAND, Wash. -- The Tri-Cities Tea party movement organized a meet and greet with local candidates running for office this November. Hundreds of Tri-Citians came out to John Dam Plaza in Richland to listen to local candidates give speeches about what their plans are for the future if elected or re-elected.

The candidates also took questions from the people at the park during the "Save America Rally." Brad Klippert, Doc Hastings, Jerome Delvin, Brad Peck, Mary Ruth Edwards, Larry Haler, Al Yenney and Richard sanders who is running for Washington State Supreme Court all spoke.

Sanders, who traveled to the rally from Western Washington says the decisions the court makes are often times more powerful than any lawmaker in the state, and even on a Federal level. ""Too many justices, too many judges defer to the government, put the government interest before the rights of private citizens. I think that's wrong. The constitution is there to protect the rights of private citizens and it's the role of the judges, the justices of the state supreme court especially to make sure that it's applied correctly," said Sanders.

Other big topics covered were the economy, the budget, jobs and education. Representative Larry Haler, who is seeking his fifth term for the 8th Legislative District wants to overhaul Healthcare reform in Washington. He says it will be possible if Republicans get more people elected into the state legislature.


"We can overturn the exchanges that have been put in place, and get some real solutions to healthcare, rather than taxing people," said Haler.

Other big topics included military defense, same sex marriage, and over regulation. The park also had a display of the national debt clock, like the one that hung at the National Republican Convention in Tampa.