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NEW DETAILS: Graham Admits To Killing Sharlotte McGill

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UPDATE: According to court documents, 17-year-old Avondre Graham admitted to randomly murdering Sharlotte McGill in an interview with detectives. The interview took place after he was arrested for assault and robbery following his attack of an innocent woman earlier this month on the Centennial Trail.

The court documents show the medical examined found that McGill died of nine  stab wounds to her upper body, neck and head. Avondre Graham admitted to stabbing her three times.

Though Graham admitted to detectives that he did it, the DNA did not match. The DNA eliminated him as a contributor, but did not eliminate him as a suspect. Giving an example, the Spokane Police clarified just because the hair on McGill's body wasn't Graham's, it could just as easily been anyone who was trying to assist her in the minutes before her death.

Avondre Graham said in an interview that when McGill walked by him that day she used a racial slur. He said she kept walking, but he took two baseball sized rocks and threw them at her head. When she fell to her knees that is when he said he took out his knife and stabbed her to death.

According to Graham, McGill screamed, "help me, help me, I've been stabbed."

He ran home after the incident, but when investigators interviewed him in the days after the murder they noticed he had a cut on his hand. Graham said it was because he was depressed because of his uncle's grave health condition. His uncle died the day of the McGill murder.

When asked why he assaulted the women he said he wanted them to "feel the pain I feel." Graham said he took the knife he stabbed her with and threw it in the Spokane River.

Also in the court documents we learned that the other victim of Graham, a Gonzaga student, realized he did it after she saw his arrest for Debbie Watkins attack on the Centennial Trail.

Graham will be arraigned on Thursday charged with murder, assault and robbery.  


SPOKANE, Wash. - According to court documents Avondre Graham admitted to killing Sharlotte McGill. When interviewed after  McGill's death Graham had cuts on his fingers. Graham told detectives he punched a fan because he was upset over the death of a family member.  The Medical Examiner's Office said McGill had nine stab wounds to upper body neck and head. We are sifting through the rest of the court documents right now, standby for more details.