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UPDATE: 1100-Pound Woman...Was She The 'Half Ton Killer?'

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KHQ.COM: In 2008, Mayra Rosales, 31, confessed to killing her 2-year-old nephew when she accidentally rolled over on him. As one of the most obese women in the world and topping the scales at nearly 1100 pounds, who wouldn't believe that her mass could smother and crush a 2-year-old?

Most people did, but not Sergio Valdez. Valdez, the lawyer who represented Rosales was instantly skeptical when he saw how hard it was for Rosales to move. The idea of Rosales even being capable of rolling over on her own didn't seem possible. 

After her confession, Rosales was arrested facing capital murder charges and even the death penalty. She quickly became known in the media as the "Half-Ton Killer." However, when medical reports came back stating that the cause of death for 2-year-old Eliseo was actually blows to the head, Valdez was not the only one anymore with doubts.

Rosales eventually admitted that she had made up the story to cover her sister, Jamie, who had repeatedly struck the 2-year-old in the head after he refused to eat breakfast. Rosales testified against her sister who is now serving a 15-year sentence in prison. 

TLC aired a special on October 10th about the murder mystery which got a lot of attention. 

It has been reported that the case took a huge toll on Rosales health. Previously bedridden to her Texas home, she has been admitted to a hospital for the morbidly obese and is being monitored by doctors.

One can only hope she receives the tools and medical attention needed to better her health.

Do you think 15 years in prison is a just punishment for Rosales sister?

What can we do as a community and a nation to help those struggling with obesity?

This story was filed and written by KHQ's Nichole Mischke

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