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Yakima Farmers Market saw slower turnout this year

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Yakima, WASH.--The Yakima Farmers Market is winding down for the season.

You can still catch people wandering the streets, checking out the local produce. However, many of the vendors said it was a slower year compared to most.

"Compared to last year it's been slowing down, like it's really slow," said Rema Imperial of Imperial's Garden. "And towards the end of this season not a lot of people coming maybe because it's getting colder."

Lori Babcock of Tieton Farm and Creamery said, "I think it started out very similar to last year, if not identical, but I felt as though midway through the summer things sort of flattened out here."

"Peaches are really popular, and then towards the end it kind of started to die down when we lost the peaches," said Marta Lichota of Collins Family Fruit.

"It slowed down, and also late summer we get a lot of other events going on and we lose a lot of the traffic because of those," said the Farmer's Market Manager Don Eastridge.

Even though some feel the turnout might not have been great this year, Eastridge said the amount of vendors grew significantly.

Over 40 new ones signed on, and the market now takes up more than two blocks of Third Street.

After dealing with a slow start to the growing season as well, many farmers said they have plenty of produce to sell.

"We have a lot of produce," said Imperial. "It's just they're not moving so I'm not sure what's the cause this year."

Eastridge said, "It was slow at the beginning because it was cool but after it got hot, and it got to hot for a while there, but right now we're battling the frost so this is probably are last week of corn."

Even though corn season is coming to end, farmers said there are still plenty of apples, pears and squash to go around.

You can still get your local produce for two more weeks. The last day of the farmers market is Sunday, October 28th.