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Time to End the NFL Pro Bowl?


Well, Roger Goodell, it's about time.

The NFL commissioner said Monday night he will consider getting rid of the Pro Bowl if the level of play doesn't improve. Speaking with Michael Strahan on a radio interview, he agreed with Strahan in that last January's game "was embarrassing".

Yes it was. And yes, the Pro Bowl should go.

At one time it was an honor to play in the Pro Bowl, and players treated it as such. But the past several seasons it has become even worse than the NBA's All-Star game – a game in which offense is served up on a silver platter and defense it quite literally a joke.

A Pro Bowl, or an All-Star game for that matter, should be what its title is: a game featuring the best of the best. It should showcase the talents of the elite players of the league. But lately it has become a vacation for players, and unfortunately a ho-hum show for fans.

It is time to either get rid of the game, or make it worth something – both for the players' sake and the fans'.