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Dog shooting sparks community outrage, animal control says man had every right

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Terrace Heights, WASH.--A dog was shot in Terrace Heights after wandering into a man's yard and attacking a pet. Animal Control Officers from the Yakima County Sheriff's Department said the man had every right to do what he did. 

The man who shot the dog did not want to go on camera, but he said the animal ran onto his property and started attacking one of his ducks.

The man said he tried to call the dog back, but it wouldn't listen and that's when he decided to get the gun.

According to officers, the owner was out walking the dog but let it off the leash. The owner could not be reached for comment.

Officers said while there is no leash law in the county, there is a county ordinance that states you have to be in actual control of your dog at all times.

"Out walking your dog, you can let him run around and play and jump around," said Animal Control Officer Randy Sutton. "Do whatever he needs to do. But you need to be able to call him back, and you need to actually be within visual contact. He has to be able to hear you so he would come back."

Animal Control Officers said there isn't a leash law in the county because it would have to apply to all dogs, and Yakima County has a lot of dogs used for cattle herding and hunting. Therefore, even though your dog doesn't have to be physically restrained, you are still legally responsible for it at all times.