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More than 500 active Tri-Cities dieters battling the bulge with Ideal Protein

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PASCO, Wash. -- The holidays can be a tough time to maintain our weight and waistlines, but more than 500 active dieters are finding success through a program called Ideal Protein at the Lourdes Health and Wellness Center in Pasco.

The French protein program started in the area three and half years ago, and Lourdes has clients ranging from those who wish to lose 10 pounds, to those who need to lose 200. "We're giving you the adequate amount of protein that you need to sustain the muscle that you already have. You can do this diet no matter your age, gender, weight that you need to lose. The diet will work if you do it correctly," said Tammie Shreve the weight management supervisor at Lourdes Health and Wellness Center in Pasco.

65 year old Jackie McAndrew is diabetic and takes insulin. Before Ideal Protein, she had trouble standing, walking and doing anything without her walker. Today, 11 months into the diet, she is down 124 pounds with 75 more to go.

"I can walk with my walker about every place. I can sleep. I have more energy, and I can go downstairs again," McAndrew said.

"Ideal Protein makes it very easy. They give you that list and as long as you stick to that list and you see results so quickly. You want to stick to it. You're excited to get up in the morning and weigh in," says Holly Kimmell who has been doing the program for 10 months and lost 104 pounds.

For Holly, her health was a priority. In October of 2006, she had lap band surgery and as a result lost 50 pounds. However, she said no one told her how to eat properly and she ended up sick and often regurgitating the food back up. Holly regained the weight. She said Ideal Protein helps her eat healthy and her stomach ulcers have since healed.

"I'm learning completely new habits. I don't even want all the mochas and cookies I've had before," said Kimmell. Besides feeling better, Kimmell also ended up decreasing her medication intake for her hormones and thyroid.

Ideal Protein does cost a significant amount of money, so it is a commitment. $299 starting fee for your first week of food, shakers and one month supply of vitamins and supplements. For Kimmell, it was an investment in her health. "Think of what my medical costs will be if I don't lose weight."

Holly's husband Mark Kimball also joined Ideal Protein. He lost 75 pounds and dropped from a 48 size pants to a 38. Mark says it dropped his blood pressure significantly and has allowed him to do his job better and move around freely.

Shreve says on average, after starting Ideal Protein, women tend to lose 2-3 pounds a week while men tend to lose a little bit more, 4-6 pounds a week. Lourdes Health and Wellness holds a seminar for those interested in learning more, to get more information, click here.