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A Kennewick Grandma Out Smarts Scammers

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-  Phone scammers victimize millions of people each year and grandma's seem to be easy targets.

In less than two months, Grandma Betty Judkins received two phoney calls, as the caller claimed to be her grandson in an attempt to use her love to get to her savings.

The scammer called to tell Grandma Betty that he's in a Mexican jail after drugs were planted in his backpack, but Grandma Betty's no fool.

She knew it wasn't her grandson and that they were after her money.

"If you sent $3,400 to them, then they will let me out of jail.  I informed him that I had not just fallen off of a turnip truck and hung up," Judkins said.

If you get one of these phoney calls like Grandma Betty did, Police say to ask questions and verify information before even giving out any personal information, then hang up.