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Botox Vs. Incontinence?

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(WJAR) - It's been a long road for Nina Celona and her battle with urinary incontinence.

"It got to the point where I wouldn't go anywhere unless there was a ladies room. It really curbed my exercise because doing exercise I was always leaking. It was almost to the point of depression, I was so upset about it," Celona said.

Celona is one of millions who suffer from a leaky bladder.

"In middle aged women, up to 30 percent of women will report some of incontinence," said Dr. Vivian Sung.

For some women, physical therapy and medication can help. Celona had tried all that by the time she enrolled in a study at Women & Infants Hospital with Sung.

"The trial randomizes women to one of two treatments. One is InterStim. The InterStim is a device that is implanted and it modulates the newest to the bladder," Sung said.

The treatment is being compared to one that is normally used to treat wrinkles, botox.

"And the Botox can help to paralyze the muscle and prevent the contractions when the bladder's not supposed to be contracting," Sung said.

Celona got the Botox treatment three months ago.

"I'm beginning to do exercises again which I need and I'm just so happy I love this treatment," Celona said.