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Heavy Snowfall Leads to Slick Roads in Yakima Valley

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YAKIMA, Wash.-- The winter storm made its way to Yakima Sunday night, leaving a fresh layer of snow on the ground.
In fact, some areas saw up to six inches of snowfall, which made for some tricky driving conditions.

"Last night when it was coming down it looked pretty. But, the roads were pretty slick this morning," said Yakima resident Lew Negri.

"I just leave earlier, you know? Just in case the roads are bad, I still leave early so I can get to where I got to go in a proper time," said Reggie Oliver who works in Yakima.

Luckily, Yakima work crews got a jump on the cleanup. Streets and Traffic Operations Manager, Joe Rosenlund said crews were out Sunday night around 9 o'clock plowing streets and laying down salt and gravel.

"It did stop early enough that we could get through most of the town last night where it really needed it," Rosenlund said.

But Monday, many streets were still covered with the white stuff.

Rosenlund said his crews won't plow neighborhoods until at least six inches builds up. And what they do plow, they'll have to do with one less worker, after the city cut an open street maintenance position because of budget issues.

And regardless of whether you like the snow or not, it definitely signals the winter season.

"For young kids, they identify snow with Christmas, and you know I can live with it as long as the temperature stays the same," Oliver said.

Last winter, crews worked overtime to keep the roads clear, eating up just about all of the city's snow budget for 2012.
So to make sure money was available for road clearing now, Rosenlund said the city had to take about $150,000 from its reserves.