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#26 Acts, Yakima Cares

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Yakima, WASH.--What can I do? That was the big question on everyone's mind after a tragic shooting at a Connecticut elementary school killed 26 people, including 20 children.

"Six is smiles and it's laughter and it's dirt and it's fun and it's life," said Leslie Lumley, the creator of the Facebook page "#26 Acts of Kindness- Yakima Cares." "It's about everything good so that's why it was so hard to have 6-year-olds taken away like that."

What can I do translated into "26 Acts of Kindness," a social movement started by NBC News Correspondent Ann Curry. Many cities have localized the campaign, including our very own Yakima.

"Yakima should have one too because I wanted Newtown to know that Yakima does care about what had happened," said Lumley.

"There's nothing you could say to those families to take their tragedy away, but hopefully honoring the memory of their loved one 26 times a million, could help ease the pain a little," said Kristin Lumley who supports her sisters efforts with the Facebook page.

Leslie Lumley and her family created a Facebook page called "#26 Acts Of Kindness- Yakima Cares." Lumley said she loves seeing people's good deeds and is working on her own 26 acts. She said one of her first was buying somebody's meal.

"I looked behind me and they were almost arguing about it," said Lumley. "He was trying to give her his debit card and the cashier was trying to give him his receipt and explain that I had bought it. It was just something I guess that's not that common so that was kind of cute."

"If you have a neighbor who gets up a little later than you shovel their walk," said Kristin Lumley. "It'll take five minutes."

"Even if they don't really need help just give them a compliment or something, make them smile," said Sierra Karcz-Lumley.

Lumley said she hopes the page remains popular past the holiday season.

"We're trying to make Yakima a kinder place to live," said Lumley. "This is where I'm raising my children too so it was important to me."