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Texting Behind the Wheel? Take the "It Can Wait" Pledge

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KNDU.com - People texting while driving are 23 times more likely to be in an accident. AT&T says it happens every five minutes. With the New Year, a major phone company wants drivers to add a campaign pledge to their resolution list: to never text and drive.

"It not only puts you in danger, but it puts other people in danger," said Carolyn Sordah from Kennewick.

AT&T wants drivers to know the next time behind the wheel "it can wait." 

Washington State Troopers want to remind drivers it is also against the law. 

"What happens is we still see it a lot just because of the fact that people don't understand that any time they're on a public street, they shouldn't be texting at all or talking on their cell phone," said Washington State Patrol Trooper, Oscar Garcia.

According to a new poll from AT&T, 95% of people know reading an incoming text or email while driving is unsafe but more of them are doing it.

"I've done it, but I try not to," said Joel Sauceto from Kennewick.

For more information on how to take the "It Can Wait" pledge, click here.