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Five Reasons Why the Seahawks Win on Sunday

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Seahawks fans don't need be convinced, but incase you need some more reasons to believe in this Seattle team, here's a list of why the Seahawks will beat the Redskins on Sunday and move into the divisional round.

1. History

The last two times the Washington Redskins were in the playoffs were back in 2007 and in 2005, with both seasons coming to an end thanks to the Seattle Seahawks. In '05 the Skins lost 20-10 and in '07 the Skins lost 35-14. Come Sunday, Seattle can make it a third straight time that Washington ends their season with the Seahawks on the field.

One piece of history that won't be in their favor is playing on the road. Both of those playoff wins for Seattle came at home, and the Seahawks haven't actually won a road playoff game since 1983.

2. Leon Washington

Leon Washington is the biggest X-Factor in the playoffs, and not just in this game. Leon is a Pro Bowler and is averaging a ridiculous 29 yards per kick return this season, with an average of about 8 yards per punt return. Giving the Seahawks a shorter field to work with just means it's that much for their offense to score. Plus, Washington is a threat to score every time he touches the ball, and in playoff games it's those unplanned points through defense and special teams that can make all the difference.

3. Marshawn Lynch Returns to the Playoffs

It's the return of Beast Mode to the post-season, where Lynch really had his coming out party for the Seahawks two years ago when he ran over the entire Saints' Defense on the way to a wild card win.

Lynch returns to the post-season coming off a Pro Bowl Year where he averaged close to 100 yards a game with 11 TD's. On yards per carry, Lynch is averaging five yards, and that makes him the key balance to let Russell Wilson shine with the Seahawk offense. 

4. Seahawks' Defense

Sherman free, Trufant healthy, and Browner returns, what more do I need to write.

The Hawks D is fifth in the league for total defense, just giving up over 300 yards a game, and the Seahawks rank number one in the entire league for points allowed, averaging just 15.3. The Redskins D on the other hand gives up 24.3 points a game, for more than a touchdown difference between the two.

The Redskins defense caused plenty of trouble to Tony Romo and the Cowboys last Sunday night, but unfortunately for Washington Russell Wilson plays for Seattle.  

5. Russell Wilson > Robert Griffin III

Yes, I realize RG3 will likely win the NFL Rookie of the Year Award… And yes, I realize Griffin helped the Redskins double their win total from last year… and yes, I realize that #10 placed in the top 20 for rushing with 812 yards, putting him ahead of many starting running backs. Even with all this, I still think Russell Wilson is better in this game.

Wilson has better quality wins than RG3, with wins again San Francisco, Green Bay, Chicago compared to Griffin's wins against Baltimore, Dallas, and New York.

Russell also combined for 13 total touchdowns in the last five games of the season with just two picks, and that includes missing time in the week 14 win over Arizona.

Those are the numbers, but something you can't measure is his leadership and competitive greatness. He's breathed new life into the Seahawks and is playing well beyond his 24 years of life. Both players are making their first playoff start come Sunday, but experience in games like the Rose Bowl will carry over for Wilson. Wilson also is much healthier than RG3 right now and has shown consistent improvement throughout his rookie season.

Now even if you don't buy what I'm selling and the two are even, Wilson unquestionably has better weapons. The Seahawks sport a receiving core with Sydney Rice, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, and Zach Miller. Those four combined for 20 total touchdowns this season. The Washington Redskins on the other hand have Pierre Garcon, Santana Moss, Leonard Hankerson, and Josh Morgan, who combined for 17 touchdowns. The Seahawks don't have the most intimidating names at receiver, but as a unit I'd rather have those four weapons than Washington's four.

In It to Win it

Those are just five of the reasons why Seattle wins come Sunday. The scary thought for the rest of the league is this though, if the Seahawks win they likely play Atlanta, one of the weakest #1 seeds we've ever seen in the playoffs. Assuming they win there, they'd likely play the winner of Green Bay and San Francisco, two teams they beat during the regular season.

You still got to go out there and play the game, but this Redskins game could be the first domino to fall on an even more historic season for the Seattle Seahawks.