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People Learn About Gun Safety in Free Class for the Community

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- A local store is taking steps to make sure the community knows how to safely handle and store their guns.

To some, gun safety may seem like common sense, but all too often accidents happen and the Ranch and Home store in Kennewick wants to do their part in helping inform the community about safe gun practices.

"Currently, we've seen an increase in gun sales and I think the whole Tri-Cities has in all the various gun shops. So there's a concern out there especially with first time gun owners, just to be able to provide a little bit of information so that they're safe," said David Blosser, class instructor from Practical Edge Shooting.

A large group came out Sunday to a free gun safety class at Ranch and Home, curious and committed to learned as much as they can about being responsible gun owners.

"I don't think you can get enough safety for anything. I actually came here to bring my son and his wife. I though it would be good for them," said Jerry Wallis, who attended the class.

Ranch and Home is selling an average of around 200 guns a day.

Wallis said the risks are too high for someone getting hurt, to not reach out to people and share safety information.

"I mean there's too many accidents with guns. Too many people that are playing with them," Wallis said.

Blosser said everyone living in a home with guns should be educated about them.

He said kids should be told about the guns as soon as possible so they don't become a forbidden fruit or toy.

"It'd be no different than driving a car. We don't just let people go get in a car and take off down the road without having some safety training. And even when you start a kid out, they can drive with an experienced driver as long as somebody's there to show them the way. And that's what we're looking to do," Blosser said.

Blosser said the most important gun safety tips are to treat the gun as if it's loaded, don't point the gun around, keep your finger off the trigger when you aren't shooting and be sure to know what is beyond your target.

Because of the popular response to the free classes, Ranch and Home is scheduling seven more in the coming months.