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Rock Thrown From Thor/Freya Overpass Crashes Through Driver's Windshield

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SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane driver received a scary surprise while driving on Interstate 90 Sunday. While on the freeway near the Thor-Freya footbridge, a large rock fell from above, crashing right through the young man's windshield. He says the only explanation was that someone standing on the overpass threw the rock at oncoming cars.

The driver, college freshman Nathan Breedlove says that if the rock had been any bigger, the damage would have been a lot worse. He says he is just lucky that when the glass came through the windshield, it did not hit him in the eyes.

Nathan was on his way home from youth group with a full car when it happened.

"Driving under the Thor-Freya bridge there was me, my sister, and two of her friends in the car and just this big something hits my windshield and we didn't really know where it came from at first," Nathan said. "We eventually concluded that it came from up top in the bridge."

With the way the rock smashed into the windshield, Nathan says you can tell it is not just from another rock bouncing off someone else's car.

"The way that it hit, it's deep like from the top, so you can actually kind of tell it came from the top and not the front," Nathan said.

Although the rock did not break through the windshield completely, he says it was enough to send glass flying into his face.

"That probably could've been it if my eyes would've been impaired by the glass or anything like that," Nathan said.

Thankfully, somehow, Nathan managed to keep everyone in the car safe.

"It was kind of scary, I mean I was mostly just focusing on staying on the road and staying at the same speed. You don't want to slow down on the freeway," Nathan said.

He reported the incident to police, but as of right now, there is no way to know who threw it.

"I'm hoping someone either knows who did this and reports those people to the police or that basically people are keeping an eye on those bridges, so it doesn't happen to anyone else," Nathan said.

Nathan was just home for the weekend from college visiting his family. Now because of the cracked windshield he may not be able to drive his car back to school.  

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