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Kennewick Citizens React to Sequestration

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- NBC Right Now hit the streets Friday to find out how you feel about sequestration and the impending spending cuts.

People said they think it's about time the government cut back spending. While others said they're concerned about the uncertainty of how these cuts will play out.

"One group can't agree with the other group. What are they going to do? They go into a default position. I think that's fine. If that's the way they have to agree than that's the way it'll be," said Ron Weed, who agrees with the big budget cuts.

Some people are just fine with sequestration, if that's what it takes to cut back on government spending.

They think some people are making a big fuss over something that will only make a small dent in the country's massive deficit.

"The government has to cut back we can't continue to keep paying for everything for everybody. The funds just aren't there. The lawmakers need to hear the voice of the majority," said Jim Rawlinson, who thinks the cuts are past due.

"We're getting a compromise between those who want to spend a lot and those who want to cut back. This cut back is not that dramatic," Weed said.

The outcome of all these cuts is still uncertain and many people are waiting to see what that means for them.

"I don't want it to impact my kids school or our streets or safety in general. I don't know the specifics of everything that is going to be affected but I am concerned," said Kim Dueno, who is worried what the cuts mean for her family.

And the stalemate in congress over how to deal with the cuts, doesn't help.

"It's not like they didn't have a lot of time. They knew this was coming. If they had maybe put more emphasis on fixing the problem then maybe we wouldn't be having these issues," Dueno said.

"Seems like they never get anything resolved and all they do is point fingers at each other and that's just really frustrating. It feels like it's just time to just vote out everybody and start over," said Jack Weis, who is fed up with the federal government.

In the coming weeks, politicians and the public will start to see the impact of these cuts.

But one thing we know for sure, the government's failure to negotiate a deal is now official. And their constituents are losing confidence in their competence.