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Crime Tracker: Lighting Tips To Keep Prowlers From Targeting Your Property.

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KHQ.COM - You've likely heard the saying ‘we'll leave the light on', but the Spokane County Sheriff's Office says it's not just something you should do if you're expecting someone.  Crime Prevention Specialist Travis Pendell says constant lighting around your property is essential in keeping would-be thieves away.  He recommends the following gadgets to help keep your property safe.

1) Day-Night Sensors: The $5 device screws into your outdoor lighting fixture and senses light and dark.  When the sun drops, your light will automatically turn on.

2) Timers: These gadgets range in price from $10 to $25.  They allow you to set the time when you want your lights to turn on and off.  They can be put indoors and outdoors.  A good idea: connecting a timer to your window lamp while you're gone so that the light turns on automatically when you're gone giving the illusion you're home.

3) Yard Stake Lights: These solar lights can cost anywhere from $5 to $20 dollars.  Some of them give off very little light.  However, the Sheriff's Office says lining your yard with them will allow you to see if there is any movement along the perimeter of your property.

4) Deputy Pendell advises against motion sensors.  He says lights that project consistently are better than lights that only initialize when someone is already on the property.

5) Finally, Deputy Pendell says you can use ‘the headline test' to determine if your outdoor area is lit well enough.  He says to carry the newspaper around your property at night.  Pendell says you should be able to read the headline at all times.  If you can't, than that area of your property is too dark.

Investing in these gadgets is just one small step you can take to improve the safety of your home.  The idea is that it will help eliminate a crime of opportunity for thieves who want to get near your home without being seen.

This story was filed and written by KHQ's Kalae Chock. Email her at Kalae.Chock@KHQ.Com

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