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Stories From Salt Lake: John Stockton - A Living Legend in the City

Story by Alex Rozier:

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - John Stockton is a hero in Salt Lake City. People love him here. Every game he played they filled the seats and now they are doing things he probably could have never imagined. Chris Ashby considers himself one of the biggest John Stockton fans of all time.

"He really just became my idol about the time I was ten or eleven years old," Ashby said. "Probably by the time I was 14 or 15 I resolved that I was going to name my first born son after him."

And so he did. Stockton Ashby is now 14 years old, he's in eighth grade and he's 6 foot 2.

"Our family's been Jazz fans ever since I was little," Stockton Ashby said. "We have season tickets and my dad goes to every game. I watch every game."

He watches every game largely because of John Stockton's influence on his life.

"He was a leader and I think he's my hero for that," Stockton Ashby said. "He wasn't one that wanted to be in the spotlight he was humble and he just did what he had to do."

"Larry Miller, the Owner of the Utah Jazz, when asked ‘What was John Stockton really like?' He would always say, ‘He's exactly like you would hope he is," Chris Ashby said. "He was a pillar of stability in our community. The guy came and played hard here every night. He is such a good family man and reflected the values of the community."

Twenty miles away from the Ashby home Alysha Likins likes Stockton, too.

"He's a pure point guard and we don't have that anymore," Likins said. "He's really reserved and he's not about the hype. He just does fundamental old school basketball."

Likins also named her kid Stockton. Likins said she couldn't convince her husband for their first child, but with her second son she was successful. Stockton is now almost two.

John Stockton is a living legend in Salt Lake City. His influence stretches a lot further than the impact he made on the basketball court. The work he did in the community and people he touched made a big difference. Now, he's even started a whole new name: Stockton.

Stockton now calls Spokane home. His son David is on the number one ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs. The Bulldogs take on Wichita State tomorrow at 5:40 pacific time.