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UPDATE: Judge Rules Colville Boys Who Plotted To Kill Classmates Are Competent

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Tweet From Kelsey Watts, 5:33PM March 29 - Other suspect, 11yo boy, just entered not guilty pleas to all charges as well.
Tweet From Kelsey Watts, 5:26PM March 29 - 10yo boy just pleaded not guilty to all charges.
Tweet From Kelsey Watts, 5:22PM March 29 - Judge going past court hours to now do arraignment of both boys. Calls this a unique case, can't find others like it in WA.
Tweet From Kelsey Watts, 5:19PM March 29 - Judge: "the nature of the crime couldn't be more serious," is "strong evidence" the boys are capable. Parents visibly upset.
Tweet From Kelsey Watts, 5:14PM March 29 - BREAKING: Judge decides two #Colville boys are capable; know the charges against them, know its wrong. Does NOT = guilty @KHQLocalNews
COLVILLE, Wash. - KHQ reporter Kelsey Watt's has been at the competency hearing in Colville all day  for the two boys, ages 10 and 11 who were accused of plotting to kill classmates.

She has learned that the 10-year-old boy not only had behavioral problems in school but also looked up to his older brother who was convicted of murder and is currently in jail. The young boy wanted to go to jail also so he could be with his brother.

The 11-year-old boy admitted to planning to kill a girl with a knife and the 10-year-old boy was supposed to use the gun to keep people away.

One witness said that when the plot was uncovered, the gun found intended for the crime was not loaded, however, there was a full clip found along with a knife.

A school disciplinarian and witness at the hearing said she asked the suspect, "Did it bother you, you were going to kill that girl?" The 10-year-old responded, "No."

Both of the boys had disciplinary records at their school.

The state's third witness was a 15 year veteran at the Colville Police Department who interviewed all students involved in the alleged plot and he said neither suspect showed remorse about planning to kill their classmates. The boys said they had been planning it for two weeks.

The 10-year-old told the officer, "I wanted her dead," and a third student was going to be paid $80 to keep the plot secret.

Both boys told the officer they had been bullied by the girl they plotted to kill and that she was, "rude."

The judge is expected to make her ruling today around 5pm on whether or not the boys are competent and the case can move forward.

Tune if to KHQ local news tonight at 5pm and 6pm for the most up-to-date information from Kelsey Watts on this case. Follow Kelsey on Twitter @KHQKelsey for the latest tweets and information directly from the hearing.

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