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Fruit Buds Bloom Earlier Than Expected

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YAKIMA, Wash.--The recent 70 degree temperatures have started moving fruit production along a little quicker than usual.

Apricots are already in full bloom, and peaches are just hitting those beginning stages. Fruit farmers said this puts them at least one week ahead of schedule, which means they'll start picking one week earlier as well.

Farmers said once their crops hit full bloom, they have about 65 days to harvest. Now, it's just a matter of starting irrigation and spray applications a little bit earlier than planned.

"Earlier fruit isn't such a bad thing as long as we don't have frost or cold weather that will come in behind this," said Mark Barrett, the owner of Barrett Orchards. "As long as we don't have that we're probably pretty good off."

Farmers not only have to worry about cold temperatures creeping back in, but also spikes of even hotter weather. Barrett said 80 degree temperatures will dry out the pollen and make it harder to get fruit to set.