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All Things Aren't Equal When it Comes To Kicking in the IFL

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - All things are not equal when it comes to kicking in professional football. Shaun Sheddy tells us how the Tri-CIties Fever's Brady Beeson does it.

Even though the elements are always the same, kicking indoors, in a lot of ways, is harder than outdoors.

"Well obviously less room for error, you have 10 foot pipes, there's a smaller field but there's a smaller ball as well," said Brady Beeson, Fever kicker. "You also have to deal with the ceilings, rafters, jumbo-trons, a lot of obstacles that can be in your way, to make sure you're steering clear of."

Even with the smaller ball and posts the pressure is just as big.

"I do enjoy the pressure and it coming down to me at know you can also be a spark plug during the game. Nothing's worse than not seeing it go through, but it's one of the best feelings I've ever felt...putting a kick through. If you can handle the pressure and can handle the mental aspect of it to me there's nothing like it," said Beeson

So what about "Icing the kicker' does that really work?

"I used to think that, then you talk to kickers and most of them prefer that extra time to warm up and think about their kick," said Adam Shackleford, Fever head coach.

"I that's kind of a common joke amongst a lot of kickers that I've talked to, because it actually gives us an extra rep. A lot of times in the game when he calls that time out, right before you kick it a lot of guys go through and kick it," added Beeson.

And just to prove no average joe can make a field goal, I (Shaun Sheddy) am going to give it a try.

During the off-season Beeson works as coach for