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Safety at Local Sporting Events

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PASCO, Wash - Safety is a top priority for schools and districts in the classroom, but how does that cautiousness play out, on the field?

"We do have plans in our district for our athletic events if anything would ever happen that we needed to evacuate quickly," said John Morgan, Assistant Pasco Superintendent.

But terrorism isn't what schools are looking out for.

"We look at a lot of factors dealing with safety, the safety of movement in and out of the stadium for example," said Morgan.

But remember law enforcement agencies say terrorism is extremely rare.

"Remember you are no less secure today than you were yesterday. You have to think of that mindset of not giving into and allowing this to change the way you do things," Mike Blatman, Kennewick Police

And anyone can help prevent a tragedy.

"(It's) kind of like when you go to an airport. So if you go to an airport you have some screening and have those different things. But the key to that is remembering that it's the individual person that's most likely to see something out of the ordinary," said Blatman.

And John Morgan's feeling about local sports isn't changing

"Overall I'm pretty comfortable. I've been involved for over 40 years with high school events. The only times I've ever had to ask people to leave an event is for their behavior," said Morgan.

While the likelihood of an attack at your student's event is very low it's always good to keep your eyes and ears open.