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Richland School Counselors Help Carmichael Students Cope with Loss

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RICHLAND, Wash.-- A Richland middle school is devastated by the sudden death of a student.

Students, teachers and administrators are coming together to cope with the loss Monday.

Students at Carmichael arrived at school this morning to hear the tragic news that an 8th grade boy took his own life.

Students and teachers are overwhelmed by the loss.

The Richland School District sent 10 additional counselors from other schools to Carmichael to support the students and staff.

Counselors spoke with students individually and in groups in the library.

At times, there were as many as 50 students using the counselor services and a steady stream of students continued throughout the day.

"If you have a lot of students wanting to talk about this, they might've known the student, all of a sudden they see an empty desk in their classroom and the emotions can run high. So we provide that service so students can talk about it," said Steve Aagaard, Richland School District spokesperson.

The school's 950 students were formally told about the death and a letter will be sent home to parents.

The school district encourages parents to talk with their children about the loss to help them through the grieving process.

Many of the students were too upset to stay at school and went home after hearing about their classmate's death.