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Windy Business of Bees

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BURBANK, Wash.- The recent windy weather has been blowing all the bees away, and that could be harmful to local agriculture.

Some people may find them to be a nuisance; others may see them as deadly if they're allergic to them, but for farmers bees are life-giving to their crops. They're the cross pollination soldiers all serving under one Queen bee. But when the wind gets to be too much, they're not as successful.

"Just like us, when it gets to be real nasty weather, we don't want to venture too far from home and the bees are the same way," explained Jeff McClure the owner of King Bee Honey. "They want to stay close to home."

McClure sets up hives that he has raised on farms and orchards and then he lets the bees do what they do best. So far the windy spring we've had hasn't been too kind to the bees, but local hive enthusiasts think the bees are strong enough to do their job.

"They'll go out in wind even though there will be some that just wont come back," said Ed Kellie of the Mid-Columbia Bee Keepers Association. "Honey bees are tenacious. They'll get out there even in strong winds and they will do their best to pollinate."

All the beekeepers can hope for is a little cooperation from the weather. As long as the sun can shine through the windy weather the bees will survive. As long as the bees survive so will the crops.