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Boycott Planned in Yakima for Immigration Reform

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YAKIMA, Wash.--In less than a week, some people in the Yakima Valley will avoid grocery stores, malls, gas stations and all local entertainment.

"The idea is to show the spending power of the immigrant community and those who support them," said Stephen Robbins, an Immigration Attorney. "And to show that really the community depends on everyone who's here, whether they're farm workers or whether they have high scale jobs."

A new organization called "Somos Comunidad" has planned a three day boycott starting May 1st. It's meant to be a warning to show that if undocumented immigrants were deported, our local economy could crumble.

"The goal is not to hurt individual business owners, but to wake up the community as a whole and to send a message to our elected representatives who are the ones who will eventually end up making a choice," said Robbins.

However, to some local business owners who endorse immigration reform, the boycott just adds fuel to the fire.

"That's just going to get the Caucasian individual that's not sure who's supporting, not supporting," said Tony Sandoval. "I've got a lot of calls from the white community saying were you on this? And I said there's no way."

Some local activists we spoke with who won't be boycotting said it's unnecessary because immigration reform is already on the right track.

"We elected individuals to go ahead and work on this, and they're working on it," said Sandoval.

Members of Somos Comunidad don't believe reform is on the right track and that Congressman Doc Hastings needs to listen to all of the voices in our community.