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Gun Sales Continuing to Climb, Stores Can't Keep Shelves Stocked

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - NBC Right Now following up on the gun sales numbers that sky-rocketed this past fall after the presidential election.

Gun sales in the past eight months have been a fast paced climb. Fueled by the national media spotlight, gun enthusiasts are buying before any restrictions might slow them down.

At Griggs Department Store in Pasco, they can not keep the shelves stocked.

"We put out seven cases of 9 millimeter ammunition last week and that was about noon and by 3:00 they were all gone," said Charlie Grigg with V.P. Enterprise Inc.

Gun sales have never been better for Grigg. He says the only issue is that supply can not keep up with the demand. It is something they have never had to deal with before.

"I don't know that it can go up anymore that it is right now, just because like I said, in my lifetime I've never seen this kind of demand for it. I don't know that it could go any higher," Grigg said.

At Ranch & Home in Kennewick, Sales Associate Kenny Arthur says he bought his gun to protect his family.

"It's a great feeling to have a family and I don't want to lose that either," Arthur said.

As long as new gun laws remain a topic of discussion, sales will stay up. Arthur says he's looking forward to teaching his son about guns.

"I think, you know five or seven is a good age to start on a low caliber rifle," he said.

In addition to the sales of guns, ammunition is getting to be scarce and expensive. One man buying supplies Monday said he can not afford it anymore and might consider selling his gun.
And if he sells now, he will probably get a good price for it.