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READ IT: Timeline Released In The Deputy Shootout Involving Charles Wallace

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Charles Wallace Charles Wallace

KHQ.COM - Spokane county sheriff's office releases timeline of events leading up to Deputy Shootout on June 19, 2012. The Report Includes information from Sheriff's Office and Us Marshals office.

The Report starts in November of 2011, and concludes with a detailed breakdown of June 19, the day of the shooting. Deputies Mike Northway and Matt Spink both suffered serious shooting injuries, but survived. Charles Wallace Killed himself at the end of a 45 minute chase that started in North Spokane and ended near Deer Park.

Charles Wallace Timeline: November 2011:

Spokane Regional Drug Task Force initiates an investigation into Charles Wallace for Conspiracy to Distribute Heroin.

November to April: Spokane Regional Drug Task Force makes a number of controlled buys from Wallace including one on Wednesday, February 29th. According to the CI Wallace was armed with a handgun during this transaction. Wallace was surveilled to Deer Park Pawn, where he purchased 2 cases of Ammunition. Wallace was known at this time to be armed and violent.

April 2012/April 24: The Spokane Regional Drug Task Force concludes the field portion of its Wallace investigation by executing search warrants at Wallace's Loon Lake residence, 4118 Ali Vista Way. A pre-raid field operation plan including risk assessment indicated Wallace was a large scale heroin dealer with a violent criminal history.

Wallace was known to have guns and to always be armed. He had already made statements that he was never going back to Prison alive. The warrant was executed by the SWAT Team due to the extreme threat posed by Wallace. Wallace was lured out of the residence by US Marshals. Criminal Associate James Lindsey, (AKA Framer) was arrested during the search warrant. Criminal associate Jared Bachmeier showed up during the execution of the warrant.

A vehicle belonging to Criminal associate Robert Ruth was at Wallace's house at the time. Robert Ruth is TFO Brannon's tenant in a rental home located at 903 E. Princeton. Brannon's wife is a realtor and dealt with his real estate holdings. U.S. Marshals input to time line:  The search warrant was executed by the SWAT Team due to the extreme threat posed by Wallace.  Wallace was lured from this residence and arrested by U.S. Marshals pursuant to a federal arrest warrant.

May 2012/ May 8: This was the first scheduled detention hearing for Wallace. The hearing was postponed or continued. Wallace's defense counsel (Jamie Hawk) wanted Wallace evaluated for Drug Treatment instead of incarceration. The US attorney objected to Wallace's release. US Probation concurred that Wallace should be detained. The hearing was scheduled for May 25th.

May 8 – Tuesday: Probation Officer Erik Carlson arranged for Wallace's Drug Treatment Evaluation by Adept Assessment. His contact at Adept is Gayla Nealis. Nealis had Wallace evaluated at the Spokane County Jail by Doug Robinson. Robinson reported back that Wallace qualified for intensive in-patient drug treatment. Nealis then had funding approved through DSHS and after it was approved advised Erik Carlson. Carlson changed his recommendation for detention and recommended drug treatment.  Gayla Nealis located an available bed for long term intensive in-patient treatment at American Behavioral Health Systems, located at 12715 E. Mission.

May 25 – Friday: Detention Hearing in front of Magistrate Judge Cynthia Imbrogno; Jamie Hawk requested Wallace's release into drug treatment. U.S. Probation concurred that Wallace was a candidate for the in-patient program. The Judge Magistrate ordered the release and treatment to begin on May 31, 2012. She further ordered that Wallace was to be picked up at the Spokane County Jail by staff from the treatment facility. The US Attorney could have appealed this decision but did not in this case. The US Attorney has stated they will appeal in these types of cases in the future.

May 29, 2012: Tuesday- Robert Ruth is the victim of a home invasion robbery at 903 E. Princeton, in which he was shot in the leg. The Robbers told him he was robbed because he owed money to "Framer." (James Lindsey, a Wallace criminal associate.)

May 30 – Wednesday: - Daniel Inwood was released from the Spokane County Jail. This was one day before Wallace was to be released from jail to start drug treatment. They were housed on floor 6 west together and were criminal associates who would meet once Wallace had escaped from treatment. Inwood knew Wallace's plan was to escape from treatment.

May 31 – Thursday: Detective Miller, Brannon and Hollenbeck interviewed Robert Ruth in the hospital. Part of the interview was about his involvement with Wallace. Ruth minimized his relationship with Wallace. Ruth provided information that led the detectives to believe that James Lindsey AKA "Framer" was a Wallace Associate. Ruth admits to buying Heroin from Wallace in the past but claimed he was now out of the game.

May 31 – Thursday: Wallace was released from Spokane County Jail into the care of American Behavioral Health Systems. ABHS has a vehicle to transport new patients from the Jail to their facility. This should indicate to them that the new patient has been ordered to their facility by Court Order. However Craig Phillips of ABHS claims they had no idea that Wallace was in treatment because of a Court Order and also claims that they believed he had been released on his Own Recognizance. (O.R.)

JUNE 2012 On or About June 1st: Daniel Inwood gets a call from Wallace at ABHS. Wallace asked for Inwood to pick him up at the Valley hospital (across from ABHS). Inwood picks up Wallace and gives him $1000 and a Chevy Lumina to use. Wallace leaves for the night but Inwood finds him in his garage the following morning. Wallace had 2 SKS assault rifles, a box of nylon tipped ammunition a revolver, 2 Glock pistols and a shotgun. Inwood stated that Wallace told him he was going to shoot it out with the police. Inwood tells Wallace to get the guns out of his garage. Inwood took Wallace to a residence north of Deer Park. Thomas Roullier claims he saw Wallace's guns on this day and described them as 3 or 4 Glock .40 caliber pistols, an SKS assault rifle with 100 round drum magazine, a .223 assault rifle with the magazines taped together, some red tipped bullets and a revolver. Roullier claims he lived with Wallace in the past and has seen hundred of guns at Wallace's Loon Lake residence.

June 2/3 - Saturday/Sunday: Daniel Inwood and Wallace traveled to Sunnyside Washington. The plan was to rob one of Wallace's drug suppliers. (A Mexican named Juan who lives on a farm) Inwood claims they were in Sunnyside together over the weekend of June 2-3, 2012. They did not commit a robbery because Juan fronted Wallace a kilo of heroin. Wallace was armed with 2 Glock pistols in holsters.

On the way back to Spokane they stopped in Kennewick and Wallace looked at a shotgun and another rifle. Wallace was also interested in getting fake Identification. Inwood dropped Wallace at the N. Alcan address on Sunday night. Thomas Roullier independently claims that Wallace and Inwood were gone on June 2nd and 3rd. Roullier claimed that Wallace told him he needed to rob his drug dealer. 

June 3 – Sunday: This is the day American Behavioral Health Services stated Wallace aborted his treatment. They did not however report him to Adept Assessment at this time.

June 4 – 5 Monday: Inwood gets a supply of Heroin from his Seattle Source. He doesn't have contact with Wallace on these days. Thomas Roullier thought Wallace was staying with "Framer" AKA James Lindsey. This is about the time that Robert Ruth's sister (Rhonda Smith) claims that Wallace began storing items and staying at the residence on Alcan. Wallace's stay on Alcan was arranged by Robert Ruth.

Smith was concerned because her son, Josh Fowler was selling drugs for Wallace. Smith stated that Wallace was telling Fowler and Brittany McCullough that he was going to shoot it out with the cops.

June 5 – Tuesday: Members of the Spokane Regional Drug Task Force and ATF begin hearing rumors that Wallace is not in treatment. They attempt to verify this by contacting American Behavioral Health Systems. ABHS say they can't confirm or deny Wallace's status. ABHS then notifies Gayla Nealis of Adept Assessment that Wallace has aborted treatment. Nealis notifies Probation Officer Erik Carlson and Carlson begins the procedure to obtain a warrant for Wallace's arrest.

June 6-7 – Wednesday / Thursday: Magistrate Judge Imbrogno issues a warrant for Wallace's arrest for violating the conditions of his release. Daniel Inwood claims he helped Wallace work on a motorcycle at the Alcan Address. Wallace was still armed with the Glock pistol.

June 8: SIU executes the search warrant at Daniel Inwood's residence (599 E. Crown.) TFO Brannon assists. Due to the large amounts of Heroin, cash and weapons Brannon felt this investigation could be connected to Wallace. Detective Langford of the Special Investigations Unit was in charge of this investigation and was asked to provide TFO Brannon any information that might connect this investigation to Wallace. 

Brannon tells Langford about Wallace and his escape from Treatment. Wallace had fortified the garage in this residence in case of a police raid. Wallace barricaded the garage with steel belted tires and had guns in the rafters above the garage. He had made himself a perfect place to ambush the officers if he had been there during the raid.  

June 9: Sheila Burnette received a call from Wallace. She tells him about the raid at 599 E Crown and the arrest of Dan Inwood. Inwood is her ex-husband. Wallace tells her the guns found in the garage are his and he will write a statement saying as much to get Inwood out of trouble.

June 11 – Monday: US Marshals make Wallace their "Top Priority" but are concerned that the Task Force and ATF are already doing things that the Marshal were planning on doing. Sheila Burnett meets with Wallace at 559 E. Crown. Wallace gives her $1000 he owes to Daniel Inwood. He tells her he is trying to raise money to bail out Inwood. US Marshals input into time line:  US Marshals Violent Offender Task Force makes Wallace their top arrest priority in the Spokane area.  Information is being obtained from the agencies who investigated Wallace's drug case.

June 12 – Tuesday: Wallace went to Snow's Auto to contact Jared Bachmeier and inquire about his white Mitsubishi 3000 GT. Bachmeier was rebuilding the car. Wallace was driving the blue Chevy Lumina probably belonging to Daniel Inwood at the time. Wallace was armed with the Glock pistol and tells Bachmeier that he is not going back to prison.

June 14 – Thursday: Detective Langford contacts and interviews Daniel Inwood in the Spokane County Jail. Inwood tells Langford about Wallace. Langford forwards the info to TFO Brannon. He and Brannon agree to meet and interview Inwood again the following day.  Detectives Miller, Brannon and ATF agent Marks contact Jared Bachmeier and obtained a phone number for Wallace.  This number is given to the Marshal's service so they can begin working on a request for a court order.

TFO Brannon conducts surveillance at 903 E. Princeton, believing investigation of Robert Ruth may lead to Wallace. TFO Brannon contacts Ruth who admits to more recent contacts with Wallace and he agrees to cooperate in the apprehension of Wallace. Wallace is run on the Daily Roll Call Flyer as a wanted / caution / escapee subject. Agent Marks is listed as the contact on the flyer. According to Sheila Burnett, Wallace called her and stated that the cops were really after him and he was going to lay low.

June 15 – Friday: TFO Brannon and Det. Langford interview Daniel Inwood and get information that Wallace is likely to be at the addresses of 8805 and/or 8807 N. Alcan. The occupants of these residences were the mother and sister of Robert Ruth. The tolls for the new phone number for Wallace indicated that Wallace and Ruth spoke on the phone 17 times in two weeks prior to this date. Ruth's Suburban was seen at the Alcan address and as surveillance continued at the Alcan address, Brannon asked the Spokane City Swat Team to be ready if Wallace was located. Brannon briefed SWAT Leaders R. Lesser and T. Hendren about the danger Wallace posed.

Brannon learned from Inwood that Wallace was armed and making statements indicating he had no intention of ever going back to prison and he would shoot it out if confronted. This information was relayed to ATF Agent Marks and other members of the Spokane Regional Drug Task Force. Marks relayed the information to the US Marshals who were still waiting on information to track Wallace's location by his phone use.  Brannon asked that a pen entry be placed on the Alcan address with the warning that it was an extreme officer safety risk should patrol officers be dispatched to the area. He further requested that he and Lesser be called immediately in the event patrol was dispatched to the location. Brannon states he made it clear he did not want any patrol emphasis at this location.  

June 16-17- Saturday and Sunday: Surveillance was conducted periodically throughout the weekend at the Alcan address.

June 19 – Tuesday Morning: Detective Miller, ATF Agent J. Marks and US Marshals Bob Doty, Pat Green, and David Brod meet and discuss the dangers posed by Wallace. US Marshal input into time line:  Supervisory Deputy U. S. Marshal Bob Doty calls a meeting with Spokane County Detective Brian Miller, and ATF Special Agent J. Marks from the Spokane Regional Drug Task Force.  Also in attendance are Deputy U. S. Marshal David Brod and U. S. Marshals Task Force Officer Pat Green of the Washington State Department of Corrections. 

The purpose of the meeting is to coordinate the fugitive investigation for the current federal arrest warrant.

1200-1530 SRDTF was working on a different case, Hause and McClary were doing low risk surveillance, hoping to make an arrest and then execute a search warrant. Deputy Spink was assisting with this operation.

It was during this operation that Hause told Spink about Wallace being armed and his threats to shoot it out with the cops. Officer Brannon was conducting surveillance at 8800 N. Alcan and saw Robert Ruth's Suburban with a trailer behind it. He saw an unidentified male with long hair, later confirmed to be Wallace, load two motorcycles onto the trailer. Brannon thought that Ruth was transporting the motorcycles for Wallace and he might lead the Task Force wherever Wallace was hiding out. Brannon asked Hause and McClary to respond to assist him.

Both Ruth and Wallace were familiar with Brannon and he had to maintain a significant distance to avoid being seen. TFO Brannon contacted Detective McClary and advised that he wanted to follow the vehicles and asked McClary to call for a marked patrol car to assist. McClary asked Deputy Spink to assist.

1400 hours: Detective Miller testifies before the grand jury to enhance Wallace's potential criminal charges and sentence.

1530 (or shortly after): Ruth's Suburban left the address towing the trailer containing the 2 motorcycles. The Suburban was being followed by a Chevrolet Tahoe.  The vehicles were surveilled to Roundy's Kawasaki.

McClary then went into Roundy's and attempted to get license plates for the motorcycles and attempt to identify the occupants of the Tahoe. Robert Ruth appeared to be the lone occupant of the Suburban. Two other males were seen with the Tahoe. Because of the disguise, McClary wasn't sure if the man in the Tahoe was Wallace. The other occupants of the Tahoe were later identified as Josh Fowler and Brittany McCullough and maybe her child Bella.

Detective Hause had roadside contact with Deputy Northway and briefed him about Charles Wallace and the threats he had made. Northway used his computer to obtain a photo of Wallace. Northway was told that Wallace may be wearing a "Mullet" (hair style). As the vehicles were leaving Detective Hause asked Northway (with Spink) to conduct an investigative stop on the Tahoe.

Robert Ruth, in the Suburban hauling the motorcycle trailer left the business northbound on the Newport Highway out of town and the Tahoe with the unknown occupants left south on the Newport Highway back toward the City of Spokane. McClary and Brannon followed Ruth in the Suburban. Northway and Hause were near each other and Northway went after the Tahoe. Hause pulled up next to Spink and told him that the Tahoe was leaving and they needed a stop on the vehicle. Spink had to catch up to Northway and the Tahoe. Hause advised Brannon he would have the deputies stop the Tahoe. Hause has no radio communication with Northway or Spink at this time.

1615 - The Tahoe stopped at the traffic light and Newport Highway and Hawthorne with Deputy Northway directly behind it. Hause pulled along side in his U/C vehicle and saw movement in the back of the Tahoe. Both Patrol cars followed the Tahoe south from the light. The vehicle changed into the outside lane (farthest west) without signaling. Northway initiates the stop with Spink directly behind him. The Tahoe stopped on Elm Street west of Newport Highway. Hause turned left and circled through the parking lot east of the stop. Northway and Spink met behind Northway's vehicle, in front of Spink's car. They walked along the passenger side of Northway's vehicle approaching the Tahoe.

1617-Code 99: Wallace rolled out of the passenger side of the Tahoe, said something and opened fire. Northway was closest to the patrol car and turned to go to the rear of the car. He was shot from behind. Spink thinks he was hit first and was to the right side of Northway. Both Deputies returned fire and Wallace fled south between houses.

By the time Hause circled around the Tahoe was gone and the shooting was over. Hause responded to the shooting scene and put out the information about the shooting to Brannon and McClary and they responded to the scene from Cinola. After assisting Northway and Spink, Hause began to search for the Tahoe.

1621: Hause located the Tahoe abandoned at Graves and Division. According to Rhonda Smith, Josh Fowler called Amanda and had her pick him up along with Brittany McCullough and their 2 year old child Bella. The location of the pick up is the Division and Graves Holiday gas station.   

1623: Charlie Wallace is named as the suspect over the air.

1632: After Brannon arrived he called dispatch and advised them that the suspect Charles Wallace might flee to the Alcan address or 903 E. Princeton. SWAT team members arrived on the scene and were advised to lock down the addresses and to also prepare for a response to 4118 Ali Vista Way, Loon Lake.

1634: The car jacking was reported and the vehicle Wallace was in was updated to the Honda Accord license 217 NYW.

1707: SPD Detective Madsen locates Wallace in the Honda at Big Meadows and Wagon Wheel. Wallace shoots at him. The Sheriff's helicopter becomes involved in the pursuit.

1719: The vehicle approaches Deer Park, goes through the roundabout. Detective McClary fires shots at Wallace, before Wallace reaches the town.

1722: Wallace drives into the intersection of 395 and Crawford and hits an SPD car. His vehicle is wrecked and he commits suicide by gunshot to the head.

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