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Richland Music Students Get Graded By Royal Conservatory

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RICHLAND, Wash.- Music is something that almost anyone can enjoy. Some Tri-City students enjoy it so much that they want to be graded on it by the pros.

Today representatives from the Royal Conservatory Music Development program visited the area to assess Tri-City Music students. The students came in at their scheduled time and performed pieces that they prepared. A professional graded the performances and then the kids were given some form of feedback. The critique lets the students know at what level they are performing and helps them to grow as artists, along with teaching them how to perform under pressure.

"When they walk through the front door they're looking very nervous," said Ben Fowler, a representative from the Royal Conservatory and a local music teacher. "They're thinking a lot about what's about to happen and then when they walk out of the assessment every time they just have the biggest smile on their face because they know that they've accomplished something really great."

"The only thing I think when I'm playing is just, do your best. Do your best and play the song right," explained Finnegan Doherty, a nine year old piano student.

By inviting the Royal Conservatory back every year, the local musicians believe the students will strive to beat their old scores and get better and better.