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CPR: How You React...Life Or Death

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KENNEWICK, Wash.- When someone is unconscious, not breathing or has no pulse, the first moments could mean life or death.

Last week a man at a Kennewick McDonalds had a heart attack; luckily for him EMS responders were on the scene and started CPR within seconds.

"They were able to get his heart to start beating again on it's own," said Eric Nilson, Captain of the Kennewick Fire Department EMS. "Shortly thereafter and about the time that they were loading the patient into the ambulance, he actually regained consciousness."

When someone is unconscious it's up to the bystanders to know how to react. They have to keep the heart beating or the person breathing. Once they call 911, they can perform basic chest compressions. That is, until the pros come in.

Another local man almost lost his life the other day,.but his wife knew what to do. "His wife had started compressions but was unable to get him out of a chair," said Battalion Chief Mikal Barnett of the Kennewick Fire Department. "She started compressions in the chair. The scout got there and moved him on to the floor to begin good CPR, got him transported to the hospital and he's doing very well today."

The more you know about responding to these types of emergencies, the better. It's good to get certified every couple of years in CPR if you can, but at the very least, knowing how to perform chest compressions saves lives as we've seen twice in just the past week here in the Tri-Cities.