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New At Home Genetic Test From 23andMe Costs Only $99

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Genetic testing can be important for patients who want to know more about their risk for cancer and for many the biggest concern was cost.

Now there is a new world of genetic testing that offers low cost genetic testing you can do at home.

Kits going out to the lab of Silicon Valley startup 23andMe.
Which has a simple goal when it comes to your health.

"Bringing genetic information to the everyday person." says Emily Drabant PHD with 23andMe.
They do it with this test, with no insurance hoops to jump through. In return you get personal information you can act on, for only 99 dollars.

"You might find a risk... Tests I need to do for this... Decisions about your health... You'll be your own best advocate." says Emily Drabant

23andMe, named after the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a typical human cell, launched its test back in 2007 costing close to a thousand dollars.
Now, as the price has dropped, the amount of information they can find has gone way up.
And the more information you have, they say, the smarter you can be about your future.

"I think if more people take advantage of genetic testing, they're in a position to prioritize their healthcare, if people knew their own specific risks and resiliencies, they have more choices, and improve their own healthcare and wellness." says Emily Drabant
learning about ourselves, one test at a time.