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Fire Danger Level High, Firefighters Want to Reduce Risk

Posted: Updated: - This week's warmer weather has raised the local fire danger level to high and firefighters want property owners to reduce the risk of fire damage at their home.

Firefighters suggest maintaining a 30-foot area of green land around your house and cutting any surrounding dry grasses to shorter than an inch. They also say you should cut any tree limbs away from your roof that could serve as a quick way to spread flames onto your house.

"It's a good time of year to get a defensible space around your house if you live out in the urban intergrowth area where you've got wild land next to your house. Make sure that you've got a defensible green area so if a wild fire does catch out there somewhere, it doesn't come in and take your house with it," said Devin Helland with Benton Co. Fire District 1.

Helland says he has already responded to fires this season caused by people mowing their lawns and sparking flames by hitting a rock. It is just one example how people need to take extra precautions in these dry conditions.

This June is expected to be drier than usual which means it is likely the high fire danger level could stick around for a while.