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How Safe is Swiping Your Credit Card on Square?

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - Chances are you have swiped your credit or debit card on a mobile device at a local business. Square is an app, available on both Android and IOS, that has only been around since 2010. The app is directly connected to personal or business bank accounts.

"I love it. It's super easy, super fast," said Roasters Coffee employee, Cody Gregg.

The Richland Roasters shop has been using the app since it was cutting edge. Now it's becoming more commonplace.

"All the stores switched over to it because it's just been really successful and it's been a great way to track sales," Gregg said.

"It's the new trend. It's less expensive than a traditional credit card machine. It's easy to use and it's with you everywhere you go," said Steve Osmonson of CELLTECH WA.

But how safe is your card when it is swiped on a smart phone or tablet?

"You never actually have access to that account number again. Once it's swiped, the most I can see is the last four digits, even if I enter it manually," Gregg said.

Osmonson said swiping on Square is no riskier than anything else you're doing on your mobile device. In fact, he claims it's probably safer.

"You're buying apps right from your phone. That's coming out of your bank account. A lot of things are being done on a more frequent basis with your smart phone. You can go to Starbucks and get your latte and use your iphone to buy a latte," Osmonson said.

What makes Square so appealing to businesses is avoiding credit card company fees. As opposed to a 10% cut that often adds up to 100's or 1,000's of dollars each month - each transaction on Square is charged a flat rate of less than 3%.