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Tri-Cities Community Health Helps Residents Access Dental Care

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PASCO, Wash.-  A recent study found that the average cost to visit the dentist is about $172, that is an expense some just can not afford.

Tri-Cities Community Health provides medical care for residents with little to no health insurance, but their care goes beyond the standard medical services to dental care.

Dentist at the clinic, Dr. Brian Schur says more and more research is tying oral health to the health of the rest of your body.

Tri-Cities Community Health is the only clinic of its kind in the Mid-Columbia that is open and waiting to serve dental care to the general public.

<we cover pretty much the range of dental treatments to do.>

Dr. Schur says they cover the range of dental treatments.  From preventative services, education, cleanings to crowns and root canals for all ages.  There's also a high priority for treating children and pregnant women.

"It is pretty well known with diabetes and pregnancy right now that bad dental health can have adverse effects," said Schur.

Tri-Cities residents that have no dental insurance or limited care can take advantage of the clinic's dental services.

"They are finding more and more relations looking at it for cardiology and specifically for under-insured people with no insurance. There is just not a whole lot of access for those people. So, that is the big thing there; there is not many places for them to go," said Schur.

The dental department is located across the street from the health center in Pasco.

The new building boosts a whole new state of the art dental headquarters fully equipped to care for patients dental needs.

They also provide hospital based services for the developmentally disabled.

Tri-Cities Community Health CEO Al Cordova said, "We are looking to make a difference in the community and the persons we serve. particularly those that were so called economically disadvantaged."