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Hard Cider Business in Tieton Growing in Popularity

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TIETON, Wash.--A local business is spearheading a movement that seems to be sweeping the nation.
"We like to consider ourselves a leader in the industry," said Marcus Robert the Cider Maker and Manager of Tieton Cider. "Not necessarily just in volume, but also in ingenuity and thoughts."
Just four years ago, Tieton Cider came on the scene.
"We were told that cider fruit couldn't grow in the desert, in an arid climate," said Sharon Campbell, Co-Owner of Tieton Cider. "Craig {Sharon's husband} just didn't believe that because we grow the best apples in the world here. We have the perfect apple growing climate."
In 2009, the Campbell family took a chance and started a small production. In the first year, managers said they shipped out around 200 cases of cider. Last year, that number shot up to 7,000 cases and this year, they're expecting to double that.
"When we started this business, we thought if we could make 1,000 cases and sell them that would be huge, and now we're doing something like 13,000 cases and kegs," said Campbell.
You can find Tieton Cider in seven states in the Pacific Northwest, and within five years, one of the owners said you'll be able to get a taste of local cider in at least 40 states. It's becoming a national name that all started in the small town of Tieton, Washington.
"So many people will say to me why did you choose this name? And I will go no, no, no it's not a name, it's the name of our town," said Campbell. "We didn't pick this name out, we're in the little town of Tieton, Washington."
The owners said they're building a new facility closer to downtown Tieton. It will have more production capacity and will also feature a tasting room.