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Why Local Gun Sales Are Staying Steady

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KENNEWICK, Wash.- NBC Right Now has been tracking local gun sales closely since they spiked this past year following the presidential election and several shootings that made national headlines.

At the Kennewick Ranch & Home, the team in the sporting goods department says they're selling about 30-40 guns a day. That's not even half as many as what they had been selling after the election, but there's no decline in sales in sight.

Last week after a 17 year-old teen was shot and killed in Richland, Tyrel Bean at Ranch & Home says he saw mostly concerned parents buying guns the next morning.

"A lot of my friends knew that kid or went to school with that kid," said Tyrel Bean, one of the sales associates in the sporting goods department. "You see a lot more people coming in right after a shooting or something like that. We have more people coming in, stocking up on ammo and buying themselves a self protection hand gun."

Besides hearing stories about shootings, whether local or national, any time there is talk of gun restrictions or more background checks sales go through the roof.

"Sure absolutely! I mean if somebody comes invades your house, don't you want to be protected?" said Joshua Gosney. He is trying to collect signatures for Initiative 591 in Washington, which would prohibit the state government from confiscating guns.

"We just need a lot of support because this is a big deal to make sure that our second or fourth amendments are protected and our rights are protected."

For local hunters, owning a gun is not just protection, but it's something they've done their entire lives.

"My dad took me when I was 6 years old and I've always carried a 22 even when I went out with my dad hunting. I always had a gun with me," said Jerry Johnson a gun owner and hunter.

"Firearms are deadly," said Javier Johnson, another customer at Ranch & Home. "They have caused accidents and so the more information the more education, the more comfortable somebody comes around firearms, it's better for everybody all the way around."

There is an informational class at Ranch & Home for anyone who wants to learn how to safely care for their gun and use it properly, but the schedule is full. The class is so popular, there's actually a waiting list.