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Local Air Force Veteran Turned Away From Richland VA Clinic

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - NBC Right Now is looking into a viral Facebook post that started in the Tri-Cities.

A local Air Force Veteran needed treatment for a leg infection but was turned away at the Richland VA Clinic and now the story has gone viral.

Disabled Air Force Veteran Richard Wyer serviced three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. His girlfriend made this Facebook post Thursday and it now has thousands of shares. The two woke up to hundreds of messages of support and similar stories from across the nation.

"His leg was actually the size of a softball all the way down to his ankle," said Kelsey Blaire France, Richard's girlfriend.

The two went into the Richland Community Based Out-Patient Clinic seeking treatment for a bug bite that left Wyer's whole leg purple, swollen, and hot to the touch.

"Although we're not a walk in clinic, we make every effort to try to address that veterans needs during the day. Being able to look at their situation, triage what needs to happen and provide input on how we can care for them or where else they can go for care," said Linda Wondra, Public Affairs for Walla Walla VA Medical Center.

'They didn't want to look at it, yeah they wouldn't even look at his leg," France said.

Wyer says the staff told him there was no way he could be seen there, even after someone else at the Walla Walla office told him to go there.

"He asked where he could report this incident to, they gave him a card and he said, can I have your names and they said we're not obligated to give you our names & that was it." France said.

However, the VA does employ a patient advocate and says any report of issues are taken seriously.

"We do investigate and check it out to make sure that if there was a situation or problem we do take care of it," France said.

Wyer's girlfriend took him to the Kadlec Emergency Room where they treated him for an anaphylactic reaction and cellulitis. Doctors say it is a good thing he came in when he did.

And now support is pouring in from across the nation and Richard and Kelsey are hoping this same thing does not happen to anyone else.