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Explosions Heard in Residential Yakima Area

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YAKIMA, Wash.-- Thursday night a series of explosions were heard in a residential area of downtown Yakima.

Officials said they are still looking for whoever made and set off the devices, and are asking the public to help.

"It's kind of scary knowing somebody placed however many bombs in certain places to detonate," said Yakima resident, James Turner.

Thursday night several explosions could be heard in part of the city, and the next morning officials found what they call a bomb just steps away from a residential area.

Officials said they are always looking to protect the public from these types of events.

"We always have to be vigilant about this...unfortunately this is the world we live in today," said Yakima Police Lieutenant, Mike Pollard.

Lieutenant Pollard said police do everything they can to understand what happens in situations like this.

"We never look at something as an isolated incident.  We evaluate it, see what we can do for one to get this incident solved and get somebody held accountable for it and also what we learn from it to help us with the next time something like this happens," Pollard said.

He said people should always keep an eye out for situations like these.

"The public needs to keep their eyes open, never let your guard down, and always be with your eyes open," Pollard said.

Turner said he hopes this does not happen again.

"It was just a normal evening when I got back home, and that's pretty much the way I like it," Turner said.

Police are now warning people to be cautious of suspicious looking items in their neighborhoods, and if something looks like it could be a bomb or explosive device, clear the area and call 911 immediately.

If you have information about what happened, call the Yakima Police Department at 509-575-2600.